Why should you install FontViz?

Effortlessly validate and inspect fonts across websites and web apps. FontViz is the essential browser extension for designers, QA professionals, and web developers.

One-Click Font Inspection

Instantly identify and inspect all font sizes, families, and HTML tags used on any web page with a single click.

Visual Text Highlighting

Easily distinguish text elements that adhere to specific font settings by highlighting them on the web page.

Side-by-Side Font Comparison

Compare font styles, weights, and sizes side-by-side to quickly spot any discrepancies or inconsistencies. (Coming soon)

Font Metrics Analysis

Gain detailed insights into font metrics, including character widths, line heights, and kerning values, for optimal typography.

SEO-Friendly Tag Analysis

Segregate textual content based on HTML element tags to validate proper usage for optimal SEO and accessibility.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Validate font rendering on Arc, Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera & Safari.

Highlighted Screenshots

Capture highlighted screenshots of web pages to document and share font-related issues or design decisions with your team.

Regular Updates

Benefit from regular updates that introduce new features, bug fixes, and compatibility improvements for optimal performance.

How can FontViz help you in your day-to-day work?

Streamline Font Validation for Efficient QA Workflows

Streamline font validation processes with FontViz, a game-changer for QA teams. Effortlessly inspect and validate font sizes, families, and HTML tags across web pages with one-click functionality and intelligent text highlighting. Document and share font-related issues seamlessly through annotated screenshots, fostering collaboration while allowing you to allocate resources towards critical testing aspects.

Elevate Your Typography Vision with Pixel-Perfect Precision"

Bring your typography vision to life with pixel-perfect precision using FontViz. This powerful tool empowers designers to meticulously fine-tune every aspect of their typography, from character widths to line heights and kerning values. Maintain consistency across projects with a custom font library, and capture annotated screenshots to document design decisions and collaborate seamlessly with your team.

Optimize Web Content for Search Engines and Accessibility

Optimize your web content for search engines and accessibility with FontViz's SEO-friendly HTML tag analysis feature. Segregate textual content based on HTML tags to ensure proper usage of headings and text elements, streamlining the process of identifying and addressing tag implementation issues. Additionally, benefit from cross-browser compatibility and responsive design support for consistent typography rendering across various browsers and devices.

Unlock Effortless Font Validation

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Experience the power of effortless font inspection and validation with FontViz. Get the extension today and streamline your web typography workflows like never before.